Why Greenstorm

Choose the reliability of wind turbines GREENSTORM keeps efficient and lasting investment in time because Greenstorm , ( unique in its category ) designs, develops and manufactures all of its wind turbines in WIND CLASS 1A according to the standard IEC 61400-1 .
In fact, in order to ensure that our wind turbines a high efficiency , and therefore a high return on investment, all Greenstorm wind turbines are built according to the strict regulations of the international standard IEC 61400-1 (International Electrotechnical Commission), which provides a set of requirements design to ensure that the turbines are properly designed and built against damage resulting from failures or breakages within the expected lifetime , according to specific climatic conditions ( wind classes ) that will be exposed.

The wind class is just one, also crucial, the many factors that must be taken into consideration during the design / construction complex development of a wind turbine and determine which wind generators are suitable for normal wind conditions of a particular site.
The wind classes are constituted by three parameters:

  1. The average annual wind speed on the site
  2. Extreme burst in the 50 years in meters per second
  3. Turbulence quantified in 10 minutes 15 m./s.

Since the fatigue loads of the various main components (cot, blades, generator motors, bearings and tower) are caused primarily by the turmoil, the GREENSTORM wind turbines are designed to withstand strong winds with high turbulence of 18% average annual rate of wind of 10 m./s. with extremes of gusts to 70 m./s. equal to gusts over 250 km / hour, as well as from the table below.

Wind class / Turbulence Average annual wind speed at the height of the spacecraft Extreme burst in 50 years
1A) Strong Wind / High turbulence 18% >10.0 Mt/s. >70 Mt/s. (252 Km/h.)
2A ) Middle Wind / High turbulence 18% 8.5 Mt/s. 59.5 Mt/s. (214 Km/h.)
3A ) Low Wind / High turbulence 18% 7.5 Mt/s. 52,5 Mt/s. (189 Km/h.)
4 ) 6.0 Mt/s. 42,0 Mt/s. (151 Km/h.)