Continuous adjustment, the lightness of the wind

The GS WIND turbines are equipped with a three-blade rotor with blades having a very high yield warped variable profile, designed in collaboration with the most important faculties of national engineering and processed according simulations derived from the most advanced aviation technology.

The innovative continuous adjustment of the pitch of the blades (pitch) (Available only for model 21 and 21S) by means of electrical actuators inverter, allows independent control of the blades and allows the activation of the generator even in the presence of a slight speed wind; in this way, it is the optimized del’aerogeneratore efficiency and expand the production activities in terms of hours of trading profits.

With GS WIND turbines variable profile so warped, plant productivity increases significantly marking a significant increase in cumulative returns on an annual basis.

The system of continuous control of the blade pitch adjustment ensures the rapid achievement of the nominal speed of production and, at the same time, the protection of the plant, decreasing its power when the wind speed exceeds the operating limit.