Invest with GREENSTORM technology and the wind will ensure a high return over time. By the breath of a brisk breeze of our wind turbines we are capable of producing 240,000 KWh/year .

The ministerial decree of July 6, 2012 contains provisions on incentives for energy from non- solar renewables . The amount of the incentive in 2013 was set at 268€/MWh for comprehensive systems of power comprised between 20 and 200 kW. The duration of the incentives has been fixed at 20 years

The GRENSTORM wind turbines provide the most economical solution for investors, in terms of cost and maintenance as they designed and built to last a lifetime of exercise over 25 years .

For wind power plants below 60 kW , also snaps the requirement to register the appropriate register, but it is enough for a simplified procedure for the qualification ( Pas ), which reduces the time needed for the bureaucratic burden .

The generous energy yield of a wind turbine GREENSTORM and its contents, thereby ensuring an economic return in the short term evaluated in 5.4 years with a profit on ‘investment calculated in the 20 years of incentive fee of 18% per annum. Estimating the costs of ‘investment in €. 280,000 and an annual production of 240,000 kWh. a GREENSTORM turbine installed on a site with a good average exposure to the wind, the resulting product considering of € incentive. 268 per MWh is €. 64,000 years. This allows for a faster ROI and from the fifth year onwards, all the proceeds of the ‘subsidized energy, will be entirely investor’ s gain for further fifteen years. From the twentieth year onwards, the ‘energy produced, will be comunqueimmessa network and sold at the rates prevailing at this date.

The aerogeneretori GREENSTORM contribuisono to the preservation and protection of ‘environment in which we live, because in addition to producing energy at “zero” emissions, are built with completely recyclable materials.