Access to the network

The power supply is regulated by the IEC (11-20 for connection to the network of MT and BT, 11-32 for the network in AT) and the requirements of the local electrical distributors (ENEL DK5940, DK5740).

Currently the method of stimulation of production of electricity from wind farms connected to the grid, shall be determined by DM 6 July 2012.

The DM 6 July 2012 discipline, in fact, the methods of electricity incentive produced by plants fueled by renewable sources other than photovoltaic solar energy, with power not exceeding 1 kW.

The incentives apply to new plants, fully reconstructed, re-activated, the subject of upgrading or repair works that will commence operations on 1 January 2013.

The incentives are recognized on the net production of electricity fed into the grid from the plant. The car consumed electricity does not have access to incentives. Depending on the power of the system are two distinct incentive mechanisms:

  • Comprehensive incentive rate (To) for power plants up to 1 MW, determined by the sum of an incentive fee based-the value of which is identified for each source, plant type and performance class in Schedule 1 of the Decree – and the amount of any awards (eg. emissions reduction). The energy fed into the grid by the plants that access the comprehensive tariff resulting in the availability of GSE, not the manufacturer. In this category also fall the 60 Kw systems that enjoy Unica incentive rate amounting to EUR 268 to Mwh product.
  • An incentive (I) for power plants exceeding 1 MW and for those of up to 1 MW, which do not opt ​​for the all-inclusive tariff, calculated as the difference between the basic incentive rate – to which must be added any awards to which he law the facility – and the price zonal energy zone (referring to the area where it is fed into the grid electricity produced by the plant). The energy produced by the plants that access to the incentive (I) remains in the manufacturer’s availability. The Decree states that The indicative cumulative cost of all types of incentives paid to renewable energy plants, other than photovoltaic, can not exceed a total value of 5.8 billion euro per year.

The new incentive system also introduces the annual quotas of power for incentives, for each year from 2013 to 2015, broken down by type and source system and broken down by mode of access to incentives provided for by DM 6 July 2012 (Auctions; Logs for new construction work, complete reconstruction, reactivation, upgrading and hybrids; Registers remakes).